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I first discovered Okanagan Okanogan when it’s author Harold Rhenisch linked to Girl Gone Wild & Weedy for my nettle soup recipe. I have been reading his words ever since. It’s not often that someone captures my attention this way, but Harold has such a fresh, lateral way of thinking that I find myself wanting to know more about his work. Harold seems deeply rooted to the Okanagan/Okanogan valley that runs down into Washington, and writes of his observations of the unique ecology and water systems of this valley that transcend colonial methods of land and water use, and how these observations could empower the social and economic fabric of this land. Underground clouds, sky rivers and rock face collection systems. Alternative crops that can reform land use. Wow. Just wow.


Darke Lake, BC.

Darke Lake, BC.


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A few years ago, sitting by my beloved Motueka River. My sacred place to meditate, contemplate, and bath away my troubles.

Barbara from Wild Roots Herbs posted this on her facebook page. I had to share as I feel so strongly about the right for all life on Earth to have pure water. I also believe that Water itself has the right to be honoured, and treated with the highest respect, for without it, we will all surely perish. This report is about the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the First Nations of Southern Interior British Columbia, in regards to water and the way this knowledge differs from the Western Scientific view of water being a lifeless commodity.

Water. A First Nations’ spiritual and ecological perspective.

Go to the Water, the Living Water. And give thanks, give offerings, pray. Let us remember, it is the Blood of Earth.

With Love,


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