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I first discovered Okanagan Okanogan when it’s author Harold Rhenisch linked to Girl Gone Wild & Weedy for my nettle soup recipe. I have been reading his words ever since. It’s not often that someone captures my attention this way, but Harold has such a fresh, lateral way of thinking that I find myself wanting to know more about his work. Harold seems deeply rooted to the Okanagan/Okanogan valley that runs down into Washington, and writes of his observations of the unique ecology and water systems of this valley that transcend colonial methods of land and water use, and how these observations could empower the social and economic fabric of this land. Underground clouds, sky rivers and rock face collection systems. Alternative crops that can reform land use. Wow. Just wow.


Darke Lake, BC.

Darke Lake, BC.


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How cool is this?! A simple yet highly effective manual washing machine for under $10. I love off the grid options. One day my family may very well live “off the grid” so always good to learn a few tricks along the way.

DIY: Hillbilly Washing Machine.



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To Change A Name, or Not.


Look at that crazy wild Pine. How dare it be so sexy, showing it’s sexy bits like that…

Well hello there,

So I have been working on a couple other blogging projects lately, one for my dance troupe and one for the herbal community of BC and Canada, but lately I have been feeling a need to write on my personal blog and not necessarily only about plants. I have so much on my mind that I find I have a need for an outlet, to share my thoughts, as they do in essence relate to and connect to herbalism as a part of the whole.

So be prepared to find some different thoughts when you come here, other than my usual plant talk and medicine making recipes.

Also, I have been thinking about a name change for this blog. This in part comes from having a facebook page for this site and the weirdo’s it attracted due to the Girl Gone Wild & Weedy name. Yeah, people thinking they were going to find a topless stoner chick. I guess I should have not been so naïve, I did not know about girls gone wild culture until recently. Though in some ways I’m thinking it is about time we reclaimed the term “wild”. Wild does not mean drunk and promiscuous, when on earth did the word “wild” become connected to a thinly veiled part of our youth’s dysfunctional sexual connection or dare I say it, “rape culture”? Here is a dictionary definition….

(of an animal or plant) Living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.
In an uncontrolled manner:  “the bad guys shot wild”.
A natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region:  “kiwis are virtually extinct in the wild”.
adjective. savage – mad – feral
noun. wilderness – waste
Indiscriminately touching fronds. I'm so badass...

Indiscriminately touching fronds. I’m so badass…

Touching frogs, too! Oh the humanity. I totally see how this blog was mistaken for something it is not.

Touching frogs, too! Oh the humanity. I totally see how this blog was mistaken for something it is not.


Now, I have used the word as an adjective but to me wild means more. It means un-domesticated, natural, free, unadulterated, self sufficient, tenacious and strong. It means deeply connected to the Earth and thriving with all you need from the ecology around you. It means living without constraint of social or religious restrictions, and following your heartfelt path. It means deep dark and mysterious, and often it means the unknown. For me, wild represents something very complex, feminine and balanced.

I'm so promiscuous, blatantly loving my herbal medicines like this and taking pictures of it...

I’m so promiscuous, blatantly loving my herbal medicines like this and taking pictures of it…


In the case of this blog, I use the word “wild” specifically in description of plants. This blog is about wild and weedy plants. Wild plants as opposed to cultivated plants. Kind of boring, really.

So I have entertained the idea of a name change as Girl Gone Wild & Weedy now carries some negativity in my heart and actually created a reluctance to write here.

I am thinking of simply dropping the “Girl Gone” part and keeping the “Wild & Weedy” part. Not as catchy, but at least familiar for the long time readers. I’ll have to think about it some more.

Anyway, name change or not, Spring is here and a new season for getting down with my plant peeps.

I’ll write again when I can, next time about more interesting things than blog names.

Until then, take care,


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Hola beautiful people! How’s it going?

Guess what I have been up to? Germinating the seed of an idea with action, that’s what.

I will be winding down Girl Gone Wild & Weedy as I move on to another project. A community project. An awesome project. The Wild and Weedy blog will remain up as many still come for the recipes and such and perhaps I will still write the occasional article for it.

The project is called: The Gathering Basket.

It is an online community for BC herbalists. But not just for BC folks, it will have resources for all herb minded people from the Yukon to New Zealand. The service will offer cool articles, photos and video by various BC based herbalists and herbal students and also encourage all and any herbalist to contribute from the greater community. It has a herbal school directory, a herbal supply directory, a forum, an event page and a local sustainable business directory. It is a place that those who are seeking a local teacher or a bag of local nettles can come to find a connection that will take them where they need to go.

And I hope you come join us, too. I would love to offer you a place to promote your herbal work, school, business and events. I want this community service to be shaped by the people it serves.

Come on over, just take a short walk through the wild woods below and you will arrive at The Gathering Basket. (click on the forest) 😉



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I’ve been feeling I want to change the name of my beautiful herbal, youth elixir, facial serum. Only thing is I can’t decide which name I like best. Would you help me choose?

Anyone who votes on my poll with be offered a 25% off coupon code for The Herbal Shoppe! Just leave a message in the comments section and/or email me at herbandpetal at hotmail dot com.

Thank you for helping!


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“Everyone, no matter what their cultural background, has a right to discover the sacred in nature; to heal and be redeemed spiritually by nature; and to revere the ancestors. We are all haunted and saved by our memories” -Martha Brooks (Bone Dance)

Kive Rose Hardin shared this quote earlier today. It speaks of something that is so true to me- the spiritual awakening I have experienced through my love and reverence of nature. I enjoyed the quote so much I decided to share it with you too.

Have a wild and weedy day!


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Recently, I had the honour of co-proofing author Jesse Wolf Hardin’s latest novel, The Medicine Bear. I relished the quiet, focused work of proof reading and fell in love with the characters Omen and Eland. I even found myself weeping and moved at times, all signs of a really good book! Jump over to The Medicine Bear website for more information on this soon to be released historical, herbal novel.

Stay Wild!


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